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ID: com.ih.notes

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的描述 Dark Note: notepad, notes

Fast and convenient notepad, notebook. Take notes and share them. Works without internet and for free. You can even record text with your voice. Just click on the microphone and speak. The app converts your speech to text. The application saves your notes as a text file. You can also manage your recordings from the main menu.
Notepad is simple and has a user-friendly interface.
You can save your note as a picture.
The app has a drawing function.
App options:
* take notes
* draw notes
* task list , todo
* share notes
* customize notes

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Dark Note: notepad, notes 4.7 APK 为了 Android 4.4+

版本 4.7 为了 Android 4.4+
更新于 2022-04-15
安装 50++
文件大小 1.143.229 bytes
权限 查看权限
什么是新的 New TODO LIST function