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RENAC Power Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of photovoltaic (PV) grid-tied inverters, off-grid inverters, hybrid inverters, energy storage inverters and integrated energy management system solutions for the distributed generation systems and micro grid systems. The history of RENAC can be dated back to the year 2010 when the first self-designed grid-tied solar inverters were entered into volume production in factory of Shanghai, then with continuous product optimization and brand integration, RENAC moved to Suzhou, Jiangsu Province and upgraded its product line.

Renac portal 3.8 APK สำหรับ Android 4.4+

เวอร์ชั่น 3.8 สำหรับ Android 4.4+
อัปเดตเมื่อ 2022-05-15
การติดตั้ง 10.000++
ขนาดไฟล์ 18.794.391 bytes
สิทธิ์ ดูสิทธิ์
มีอะไรใหม่ Fixed display issue with text scaling.