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ID: com.zeninfor.operator.hesConnect

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คำอธิบายของ HES Connect

HES Connect is a convenient but powerful toolbox for solving the problems of installation, diagnosis and maintenance of PV plants.

*Able to connect to hardware such as FG4E, FG4C, WiFi gateway, GPRS gateway, FOMlink module.

*By connecting the FOMlink module, you can initialize the CPS NO-LCD inverters, modify parameter settings, and upgrade firmware.

*When installing the FG series gateway, you can choose different communication ways to access the Internet; configure the gateway to send data directly to the 3rd party server.

*When installing FG series gateways, you can scan the Modbus bus and perform required configuration and maintenance.

*When installing FG and various types of gateways, the process of activating and creating a PV plant becomes simpler; even when encountering field problems, the configuration process and diagnostic data can be sent directly to the cloud.Timely access to technical services.

*Operation and maintenance users with accounts can directly view data and alarms through mobile phones; according to different permissions, they can remotely control power plants.

HES Connect APK สำหรับ Android 5.1+

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