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    3.6 prod 1

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の説明 SylSmart Standalone

Intuitive, reliable and robust. SylSmart Standalone is a wireless, plug and play lighting control solution which delivers maximum control and reliability with no extra wiring and completely free of any central controller.

SylSmart Standalone enables you to create energy efficient spaces quickly and easily thanks to wireless switches and sensors. Furthermore you can control your luminaires and create your perfect scene with multifunctional lighting controls helping you create precise and flexible scene setting at the touch of a button.

Core features:

- Quick and easy Plug & play installation
- Light level and colour control
- Set your own scenes at the touch of a button
- Create your own groups with drag and drop functionality
- Enable scheduling for time based controls
- Create dynamic moving light effects using animated scenes
- Lower energy costs thanks to occupancy and daylight sensors (Optional)
- Interact with your lighting with our wireless and battery free energy harvesting switch (optional)

SylSmart Standalone 3.6 prod 1 APK にとって Android 4.4+

バージョン 3.6 prod 1 にとって Android 4.4+
更新 2022-04-16
インストール 1.000++
ファイルサイズ 8.484.761 bytes
権限 閲覧許可
新着情報 Feature updates and bug fixes
- "Absence timeout" parameter for Presence/Absence sensor actions
- "Export changes of CCT" option for DALI gateway
- Support the extended set of D4i data points for DT50/51/52
- Identification of DALI Devices and Groups from Unit DALI details
- Password strength indicator added
- Support disabling of certain device parameters by instructions from fixture profile
- UI enhancements