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ID: app.web.markodunovic.gw2app

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の説明 Gw2 Assistant

App made with love from a guild wars player, designed to help you see important data outside the game.

- check your bank items and material storage.

- see dailies both current and tomorrow's.

- see trading post deliveries to your account,
see buy sell history and current buying selling orders on the trading post.

- raid tracker to see your completed bosses weekly reset.

- dungeons tracker to see your completed dungeon paths, daily reset.

- view all characters in account

- view individual character inventory with details

- view character created date , age of character and playtime of character

- view Guild log, members, ranks, stash, storage with details.
with more to come!

Gw2 Assistant 1.21 APK にとって Android 7.1+

バージョン 1.21 にとって Android 7.1+
更新 2022-06-03
インストール 100++
ファイルサイズ 14.835.975 bytes
権限 閲覧許可
新着情報 performance update.