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の説明 Fast File Transfer-Share Media

File Share app has the most seamless and simplistic user experience. Users often feel complicated while using an app which keeps giving them multiple tabs to transfer their data.

Fast File Transfer-Share Media solves that problem. It is designed keeping in mind. user friendliness and functionality should synchronize according to user behavior. Now, User can transfer big files (any kind of format) online or offline through this fast file sender app.

What makes Fast File sharing app unique?
The Fast File Sharing app lets you share Photos & Videos. The unique feature is that the quality of photos and videos remains the same when a user send images or videos from one phone to another. Another notable feature is that. User can send big files within no time.

Organization is a key feature of video transfer app. When a user transfer images and videos. this video sharing app share big files. keeps a history of the data in a structured manner. It shows the date, time and the data transferred individually as well as collectively. This feature also let you optimize and sort your data.

Offline Sharing app :- The most useable feature is offline transfer without any internet connection. Now, user can transfer files, send videos anywhere without worrying about their internet data. This also means a constant flow of transfer data without interruption with big file transfer app.

Image Sharing app has option to send file instantly but the most unique feature is to send multiple file instantly. A user can select the number of images he wants to send and collectively send the images to another user. Mass file transfer is a feature which deemed to be the most highlighted feature of big file transfer app. It also brings the capability to transfer videos from Phone to Phone uninterrupted fast paced transfer.

How to use this app?
1) Download the app from play store if you are an android user. The app is small in size, it will take some seconds.
2) Open the app and it will take you to the dashboard where you can see the options of transferring or receiving the file.
3) A user can select photos and videos with in the library and send the big files with in a matter of seconds. This app gives the comfort of sharing multimedia without internet. The interface of the app is extremely simple and easy to use. A user can get the best experience while sharing the big files with in a matter of seconds

So, if you are a person who likes to save time and transfer big images and videos hassle free then Download this app now and share your reviews.

We always strive towards creating File transfer app as the most authentic app so that a user can feel ease at his fingertips. We keep on updating our app according to user comfort and his navigational pattern.

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