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ID: com.mcassemblies.AndroidToolbox.beta

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का वर्णन Assembly Toolbox Beta

The Assembly Toolbox enables authorized assembly technicians to:
• Check daily schedule
• Utilize the mapping function to get to the work site
• Geolocate check in and check out for assembly time accuracy
• Communicate assembly load
• Scan, build and invoice for precision assembly accuracy
• Photo product verification
• Digital invoice signing

the ideal solution to optimize performance and mitigate risk exposure
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    Go Google Play com.mcassemblies.AndroidToolbox.beta
  • आवश्यकताएं:

    Android 6.0+

Assembly Toolbox Beta Beta-3.0.0 APK के लिये Android 6.0+

संस्करण Beta-3.0.0 के लिये Android 6.0+
अपर अद्यतन 2022-02-14
इंस्टॉल 50++
फाइल का आकार 13.283.326 bytes
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