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The description of Thermometer: Temperature, Weather, Humidity, Map

Thermometer: Measure Ambient Temperature - Weather app is the thermometer that shows the current outside temperature, humidity, weather, and pressure depending on your location.

Thermometer: Temperature, Weather, Humidity, Map gets weather data from nearby weather stations. You can switch between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit and select a location on the map and also use compass to find direction.

℃ ℉ Celsius & Fahrenheit scale
🌡️ Inside & Outside temperature option
🆕 Unveil Up to 100.000 Radio Stations
📻 Connect with more than 50k radio stations
💨 Displays Wind speed
🌬️ Displays Humidity
♨️️ Displays weather pressure
🌞 See next 5 day' s weather
🧭 Compass to find direction easily
🌍 Maps to find location
📍 Displays Location weather condition as icons
❄️ Displays weather pressure
🎧 Browse radio apps and podcast by genres, artists and country
🔘 Radio Online with low data usage
☁️️ Displays minimum and maximum temperature of location in day
🌪​🌡​🌫​​ Changes the color when shows inside or outside temperature.

New in this temperature app: radio apps all in one, tune in and listen to live news, sports, music stations.

Find the Best Radio Apps for Android in 2021, all tunes of radio stations are included in this radio app, just tune in!

Do you want to get an accurate temperature index at a glance? Digital Thermometer shows the current inside temperature and outside temperature, outside humidity and outside pressure based on your location.

Digital Thermometer- Measure Ambient Temperature is a useful tool for checking the current ambient temperature in your room and outside. It’s a smart Temperature Thermometer.

By using this method you can measure the actual ambient temperature to an accuracy of a degree. it will use battery temperature to calculate approximate temperature around you and also make sure to switch off the phone for a few minutes to have more accurate readings.

The digital thermometer supports 2 different temperature units, and you can check the temperature on your smartphone. The temperature calculator app for a variety of users gives you the ease of measuring the temperature in different modes.

Thermometer: Temperature, Weather, Humidity, Map uses battery temperature to calculate approximate temperature around you and also make sure to switch off the phone for a few minutes to have more accurate readings. The digital thermometer supports 2 different temperature units.

The Fahrenheit scale registers the freezing point of water at 32 degrees and the boiling point at 212 degrees. The Celsius scale (or centigrade scale) registers the freezing point of water at 0 degrees and the boiling point at 100 degrees.

Fahrenheit temperature can easily be converted to Celsius by subtracting 32 from the reading, then multiplying by 5/9. Example: 98.6-32 =66.6. Next, 66.6x5/9 = 37. Thus, a normal temperature of 98.6 F is 37 on the Celsius scale.

Digital Thermometer- Measure Ambient Temperature can measure and display the ambient temperature in which your device is, however very few devices have dedicated ambient temperature sensor so on most devices the measured and displayed temperature is the temperature of the device's internal electronics or battery and this is the same to the actual ambient temperature only.

You can see if you are looking inside the temperature in red or you can see in blue color if you are looking outside temperature and use compass to find direction and also use map to find location.

Needs internet and GPS for uploading data and location temperatures.
Do not use as this app as an oral, ear, basal or rectum thermometer, only for use for room thermometer.
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Thermometer: Temperature, Weather, Humidity, Map 2.8.0 APK for Android 5.0+

Version 2.8.0 for Android 5.0+
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