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💳 Choose your payment method (PayPal, credit card, etc.)
🔓 Select and unlock your vehicle
🛴 Ride electric!

The fun way to get to your destination
Head to work, run a few errands, or just go for a weekend ride. With the Bird app, get from point A to B safely and with style.

Our mission is to make cities more livable by reducing car usage and lowering carbon emissions.
Every ride with Bird makes you a part of that mission.


–Get free rides
Share your code with a friend and you both get a free ride.

—Travel together
Riding with friends? The \"\"group rides\"\" feature lets you sign up for multiple e-vehicles through just one phone.

—More rides for less money
From daily to monthly rates, Bird has Ride Pass pricing plans that make sense for every rider.

Do your part to keep your community running smoothly. Wear a helmet, use bike lanes, and make sure to park neatly and keep sidewalks clear.

Download now and ride electric.
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Bird — Ride Electric APK for Android 5.0+

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  • Bird gives you access to shared electric scooters and personal electric vehicles in 100+ locations worldwide. Whether you're headed to work, class, or just need a breath of fresh air, Bird gets you to your destination with ease.
  • A map in the app will show you any nearby e-scooters (called Birds). ... To start the e-scooter, you kick off three times, then push the throttle button. You squeeze with the right hand to accelerate and brake with the left. When done, park by a bike rack and don't block public pathways.
  • To “unlock” a Bird and go for a ride, renters need to pay a base fare of $1. After that, riders are charged $0.15 per minute.
  • “Their app specifically says you can ride it 'anywhere' and leave it 'anywhere,'” Borelli says as he pushes a Bird scooter through the Pacific Beach neighborhood.
  • Types of Birds. Diurnal Birds of Prey (Accipitriformes) ... Waterfowl Birds (Anseriformes) ... Hummingbirds & Swifts (Apodiformes) ... Kiwis & Extinct Birds (Apterygiformes) ... Hornbills & Hoopoes (Coraciiformes) ... Nightjars, Frogmouths & Oilbirds (Caprimulgiformes) ... Seriemas (Cariamiformes) ... Emus & Cassowaries (Casuariiformes)
  • Ready for takeoff.
    • Find a Bird. Find a Bird nearby. Use the map in the Bird app to find your closest Bird. ...
    • Hop on and go. Hop on and go. To start your ride, scan the Bird's QR code with your app. ...
    • Now you're flying. Now you're flying. Stick to bike lanes, not sidewalks, unless state or local law requires.
  • Birds
  • Bird-of-paradise, (family Paradisaeidae), any of approximately 45 species of small to medium-sized forest birds (order Passeriformes). They are rivalled only by a few pheasants and hummingbirds in colour and in the bizarre shape of the males' plumage.
  • Bird is the convenient, eco-friendly way to get around your city. Sign up to get access to electric vehicles in over 350 cities worldwide. * Choose your payment method (PayPal, credit card, etc.) * Ride electric!
  • Bird (@BirdRide) / Twitter. On a mission to provide eco-friendly transportation for everyone. Safety and compliance first. Find us in over 400 cities around the world.
  • To pause your ride, slide the lock toggle in the top right corner of your screen. This will hold the vehicle under your account and continue charging you by the minute. To end your ride, tap 'End Ride' and take a photo of your parked vehicle.
  • Bird initially responded to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic by increasing cleaning and sanitizing efforts in March 2020. Later that month, Bird scaled down operations (reportedly even suspending them within all markets), and terminated around 40% of its then about 1060 employees in a group Zoom meeting.
  • The top 10 most abundant birds in the world
  • Definition of bird (Entry 1 of 2) 1 archaic : the young of a feathered vertebrate. 2 : any of a class (Aves) of warm-blooded vertebrates distinguished by having the body more or less completely covered with feathers and the forelimbs modified as wings. 3 : a game bird.
  • All modern birds lie within the crown group Aves (alternately Neornithes), which has two subdivisions: the Palaeognathae, which includes the flightless ratites (such as the ostriches) and the weak-flying tinamous, and the extremely diverse Neognathae, containing all other birds.
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