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The description of ビデオ通話マシェライブ - ビデオ通話とチャットで通話アプリ

Mache LIVE is a video call app that connects everyone! Chat with random live streamers, find someone to talk to and video call!
It also has a video call and video chat function, so you can quickly get along with the live broadcaster! Talk starts when the video call starts!
People who are not good at video calls can also live chat anonymously, so you can easily kill time.

[Points to get hooked on the call app Mache Live (formerly Mache Talk)]
You can also make video calls with 1on1 live distribution
Until now, live distribution has mainly been for multiple viewers for one river, but Mache LIVE allows one-on-one viewing of live distribution.
It also has a videophone function, so viewers can also participate in the live!

◆ If you find your favorite live streamer, you can watch the live stream! Call app with video call function that can also live chat!
Just looking at it is a waste! Let's talk and talk on the live distribution together! You can also have sessions and show off with people who have the same hobby!
If you find a live broadcaster who seems to get along well, you can talk to them via video call or video chat!
Video calls and chats are exciting and if you like live distribution, you can enjoy video calls and live chats immediately next time by following.

◆ Video call and live distribution function
The video call function is an appearance of the live broadcaster, but you can make a video call anonymously by turning off the video call function.
If you are worried about your appearance or are embarrassed to show your face, you can turn off the video call function and participate in the LIVE distribution via chat.

◆ Chat & message function
Feel free to send live chats and messages to the distributors you care about!
You can even send chats anonymously!
For those who are not good at video calls or beginners, try calling and talking with live chat or email first!

◆ Let's liven up the distribution with comments and gifts!
Let's communicate in real time by sending comments and gifts during video calls and live chats!
A chance to find live broadcasters with the same hobby and have them remember your name via TV call or chat!
The search function is also substantial, so I want to have a conversation with adults! I want you to listen to my worries! Let's search by narrowing down the conditions such as
You can even connect with your favorite live streamers and video chat with them.

◆ Search function
Find unique rivers from rankings, recommendations, and search functions (age, region, etc.)!
At first, the broadcaster will be displayed at random, so search according to your wishes, and if you find a broadcaster you are interested in, try talking with them on a video call or chat.
Also, if you want to find someone with the same hobby, you can search for "music" and have a musical instrument session or show off your special skills.
If you want to talk on a videophone or have a video chat, use the search function to narrow down the conditions and find a live broadcaster that suits you!
Let's connect with the river with a conditional search!

◆ Collaboration and session functions
If you find someone with the same hobby, you can show off your special skills and share your hobbies to liven up the talk.
It might be a good idea to talk about collaborations and sessions during the video call!

[Reliable 24-hour support]
Mache LIVE supports the service with a 24-hour management system to prevent inappropriate acts and distribution.
We will provide a safe and secure service for all users.
If you have any questions about re-registration or not being able to participate in the live broadcast, please contact us from within the app.
You can call and chat anonymously, but please refrain from calls and chats that slander the broadcaster.
* We do not allow anyone under the age of 17 to use LIVE distribution. Available from 18 years old.

[Recommended for people like this]
◆Those who want to easily watch live broadcasts
・I want a live distribution app that allows me to enjoy live video in my spare time
・I like live distribution apps among video distribution services, so I'm looking for a video distribution app that allows me to enjoy real-time Live.
・I want to use a live broadcast distribution app that allows me to watch Live to kill time in my free time
・I like live broadcasting (Live broadcasting) apps that allow you to feel realistic movements
・I want a live distribution app (Live distribution app) that allows you to enjoy real-time live performances instead of watching recorded TV
・Normal live distribution is not enough! I want to participate in live distribution by video call or chat
・I want to kill time while watching fun videos with a live distribution app that is free live distribution for killing time
・ I was looking for a live app for a free distribution site where you can enjoy images as if you were making a video call or video call (TV call).
・I want to live chat only and liven up the broadcaster
・ I want to watch live with a safe live distribution app
・I want to liven up the broadcaster with a video call because chat alone is not enough
・I'm interested in a free-to-register live distribution chat app that allows you to participate in video calls by chatting
・I want to use a live viewing app that allows you to see the other person's face, such as a video phone or video phone (TV phone) app that can be enjoyed by everyone from young people to adults.
・ I want to chat during the live broadcast of the topic real-time live broadcast
・I want to give gifts to live broadcasters I like and make them happy
・ Interested in live video distribution where you can see various people's chats
・I want to use a live broadcast app that allows me to see live videos with a sense of distance as if I were making a video call or video call with my favorite river.
・I want to use a live app (Live app) that can support with gifts because it is not fun just to watch live
・When you have free time, you want to watch the live video of the river that is being distributed for free
・I'm looking for a live viewing app that makes me feel like I'm talking to a friend over a video call app or video phone (TV phone) app.
・I have never used a real-time live or conversation app, so I would like to try watching various live performances first.
・I want to see a realistic live video like a video call (video call) using a popular live distribution app that allows you to enjoy free distribution.
・I want to enjoy video calls and chats using a live distribution app when I am alone on a business trip.
・ I want to try a live video app that allows you to see people's faces, like a video call (TV call) or video call app.
・I have used distribution apps such as Pococha, Ichinana Live, and fc2 Live.
・I would like to use an app with live streaming chat and video call where you can see the face of the broadcaster instead of just a chat app
・ I want to give a gift to my favorite river with the Live distribution app and make it a popular river
・I want to become a live broadcaster and show my special skills and hobbies to viewers
・I'm interested in live video viewing apps that allow everyone to communicate with each other, like group video calls and videophones.
・I want to use a live broadcast app that allows me to search for a live streamer I want to support by watching free live streaming instead of watching live at random.
・I want a live viewing app that can talk like a TV call (TV call) app or video call app
・I want to kill time using "Mache LIVE", which can be easily viewed on a smartphone with the app of the live video distribution site.
・I prefer realistic live broadcast distribution apps such as video calls (TV calls) rather than recorded video distribution
・ I want to communicate with a popular river as if I were having a video talk
・In the live app (Live app), instead of randomly watching the live distribution of various rivers, I want to find a river near where I live and support it firmly
・ I would like to use the free distribution site app "Mache Live (formerly Mache Talk)" that you can enjoy as if you were doing a video talk.
・I want to watch real-time live (real-time live) at home when I have free time and send comments
・ I want a free live viewing (Live viewing) application such as a video phone or video phone (TV phone) where people live in real time (real time Live) instead of avatar distribution etc.
・ I want to find and support the same generation of live broadcasters with a live broadcast distribution app where various rivers are broadcasting live.
・I want a video distribution app that allows you to see 3D live images as if you were talking with a video call app.
・I want to use a live app (Live app) that allows you to watch live broadcasts with simple operations
・I want to use a Live viewing application that feels like a video call or video call (TV phone), which is used not only by young people but also by many adults.
・I want to find a river that I want to support, so I want to use the live distribution app "Mache Live (formerly Mache Talk)" with a search function instead of random
・I don't have anyone to video talk with, so I would like to communicate using live apps that people are broadcasting live.

Enjoy communicating with many people with the live distribution app "Mache LIVE" that you can enjoy like a video call!
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